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Hear about how we use Science in order to do less to learn more.

Adding Value Through Science

We believe in Quality by Understanding®, in the possibility to do it right the first time and in not wasting time and resources on the wrong series of experiment. We believe in the scientific way of working and in never forgetting to check what others have already thought about. We believe in paper and pen, books and letting people think about difficult things before embarking on a serious and exciting project journey.

CR way of working 

CR Procter & Gamble

Bringing our insights to Procter & Gamble

“CR has brought great insights and value to real world problems in our product development cycle. They have a great balance of being focused on the end product and also bring best in class scientific thinking and approaches”
//Eric S. Johnson, P&G Beauty

Read more about the project with P&G here >>

CR Educate Yourself

Educate yourself!

Yes we do educate. Sometimes we do this in very exciting places. Following our heart and motto “Quality by Understanding” we give you more of our (and other’s) brains.

Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution – It will be given for the 25th consecutive year in October 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal.

CR Start The Team

Our CR team!

We are a team of innovative experts with a background in chemistry and physics.
Together, we create new possibilities for our customers based on science.
From the benefit of working with a broad range of seemingly different questions simultaneously new outcomes are possible.

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CR party piano

WE CELEBRATE TEN YEARS Hip Hip Hurrah for us!

Ten years of a fantastic journey.
Ready for the upcoming exciting new ride.
Travel with us!

Today we Party with Seminars, Wine and Cake!

On the picture (from another party) we have board member and piano virtuoso Anders Dellson from the pop-band Verklighetens Folk.

Federica Sebastiani

Our post Doc Federica!

Federica did her PhD at ILL in Grenoble, France. With us, she will study encapsulation of enzymes for functional food applications. She is financed by the EU Marie Curie project Bibafoods.

Read more about Federica right here

CR Summer

We are so into SUMMER

Sun protection? – yes, we can work with you on this! Soap that foams in sea-water or conditioner that protects your hair from salt and sun? – nema problemas! Wine for the BBQ – want to know more about tannins? you got Stefan started…. Light clothes from smart materials that really don’t have to be washed very often (with sustainable detergents)… yes, together we can launch it for Beach 2016.

But now… we need some vacation to keep being creative for you.  We wish everybody a great summer and look forward to autumn!