Formulation technology in Pharmaceutics, Nutraceutics and Cosmetics

This is an intensive three-day course given in Lund, Sweden October 25-27 2017. The course has a focus on the link between formulation science and how to transfer this into the practical situation of product development. The course will be a mix of lectures, hands-on practical’s and round table discussions.

Successful formulation development requires not only an appreciation of customer demands, but also a thorough understanding of the complex interactions between individual ingredients in the formulated product. Application of modern formulation technology makes it possible to develop products that successfully combine performance, manufacturability and stability. In order to make this happen, elements from physical, organic and inorganic chemistry have to merge with process technology and product design. The course in formulation technology is based on this cross-disciplinary approach and provides an overview of the key concepts that impact development of liquid, semisolid and solid formulations.

The course is given by Lund University Commisioned Education. We are engaged through the lectures by Stefan Ulvenlund, Ingemo Andersson, Tobias Halthur and Marc Obiols Rabasa. For more information and registration.

Do you know the science behind your formulation?