Do you know your powder well enough?

This is an intensive 3-day course given in Lund, Sweden September 20-22 2017.

There is a multitude of powders used within the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The processing and handling of powder also involves a multitude of operations such as production of powder particles, enlargement or reduction of particle size, encapsulation, powder transport, rehydration, powder blending, etc. A clear understanding of the characteristics of powders is required in order to carry out these operations in an optimal manner. Parameters such as particle size distribution, particle shape, flow properties, interparticulate forces, etc. have a significant impact on the powder properties and the handling of powder.

The aim of the course is twofold: on the one hand, to provide participants with a better understanding of powder products and processes. On the other hand, to supply participants with tools to stimulate new ideas of development and improvement of powder products and processes. At completion of the course, the participant will have gained a basic understanding of modern powder technology.

The course is given by Lund University Commissioned Education. We are engaged through the lectures by  Stefan Ulvenlund. For more information and registration.